Step-by-Step to a Healthy Pack/Troop/Crew

Writing good instructions seems to be a lost art. Sometimes I wonder if anybody proofreads them, or if the writing is delegated to those for whom English is a second or maybe a third language.

But the opposite is true of the BSA’s latest “instructions” on how to guide the health of your Pack/Troop/Crew. The new Journey to Excellence program is clear, easy to follow, and really very flexible.

JTE is the new Centennial Quality Unit program. Some leaders I spoke to thought CQU measured their ability to guess what their unit would do in the coming year, rather than how it performed. Perhaps. The beauty I see in JTE is that it recognizes units for actually doing those things that most Scouters will agree can benefit a unit.

JTE also emphasizes what I consider to be the “core” objectives that will lead to strong units: recruiting new members, retaining those you have, advancement, and trained leaders. More points are awarded for these objectives than any others, which tells me this program has its priorities straight.

If you use this program as the cornerstone for your unit’s annual planning session, and refer to it often during the Scouting year (along with your Unit Commissioner), then you will be setting the stage for a great future.  

You will find tons of information on the National Scouting website. At the very least, I urge you to print/download the:

·         JTE requirements for your Pack, Troop or Crew

·         FAQs for Units (it includes many requirement clarifications)

·         What’s In It For Me (it explains how JTE can help you guide your unit)

Review these documents at your next committee meeting. Invite your Unit Commissioner to attend. Use those discussions to guide the direction your unit will head.

If you consider these your step-by-step instructions to this Scouting year, I guarantee your unit will be stronger at this time next year than it is right now!


Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner


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