Scouting Spirit

I write this CC on a Sunday night, at the close of one of the windiest, wettest and BEST Scouting weekends I’ve had in a while.

This weekend, we held the Wotamalo District Spring Camporee / Pathways to Scouting. Friday night, just as overnighting Packs and Troops were set to arrive, a storm front that would have given the hardiest camper pause moved through.

A few units saw what was coming and cancelled earlier in the day. Some Scouts from units that did attend went home wet and unhappy. We cannot control the weather, so nobody can blame anyone who chose to give this event a pass.

But 99% of those who stayed had a terrific time! Yes, it was wetter than we wanted it to be. Yes, it was colder than we would have preferred. But nearly everyone I asked – boys and leaders in both Cub and Boy Scouts – claimed they were having a good time and wanted to come back next year.

That is the finest testament that can be paid to the planners of these events. Despite nearly the worst weather possible, their hard work paid off in a memorable event for everyone. The staff was prepared, the events were fun, useful and interesting (nobody will forget the Jaws of Life demonstration), and the day moved quickly regardless if it was raining, snowing (yes, it did, briefly) or brightened by a brief appearance of the sun. Our hats are off to everyone involved – Crew 318, Troop 178 and even a handful of Commissioners (serving dinner and making kettle corn).

In retrospect, this was the “perfect storm” weekend (pun intended). Set against the backdrop of less-than-ideal conditions, the enthusiasm of the staff – shared by the participants – made this blustery event a great demonstration of Scouting Spirit. It just goes to show that Scouts can persevere, no matter the circumstances.

Be Prepared. Do My Best. Everything else will take care of itself.

Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner

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