What do you need? How can I help?


What does your Pack, Troop or Crew need most – right now?

More parent involvement? Too many parents think BSA stands for Baby Sitters of America.

Leader training? Getting volunteers to take on leadership position is a big accomplishment. Training can teach them skills needed to deliver a better program … but how do you get them there? Did you know we’ll bring training to you?

Program ideas? It’s not uncommon for units to do the same things year after year. Where can you learn what other Packs, Troops or Crews are up to?

Help with a special circumstance? Chartered org relationships, personality differences and other “human factors” are hard to manage sometimes.

The one place you can turn to for help in all of these areas is your Unit Commissioner. His or her only job is to help you deliver a stronger program for your Scouts. This website has a listing of the entire commissioner staff, complete with contact information.

If you do not yet have a Unit Commissioner (we’re still working on that), feel free to contact me or an Assistant District Commissioner. Our details are on the Contact Us page of this site.

You and your Scouts are our top priority!

Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner


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