September 2011  

Bucket Brigade


Have you ever seen a bucket brigade?

You know what I mean … one person fills a bucket with water, passes it to the next person, and on down the line until the last person dumps the water on a fire.  On the way back up the line, the bucket passes several others full of water heading to the fire.

Bucket brigades are very efficient. I’ve seen them used to load luggage onto a bus, build a temporary restraint against rising water, and to deliver rock to a trail rehab project (go WB C-15-06!). 

Applying that metaphor to the Wotamalo District … our bucket brigade has gaps in it. 

If the water represents the resources of the district and the council, and the fire represents the district’s unit leaders, then the bucket brigade is our staff of commissioners and of our district committee. They’re dedicated and working their tails off, but they are too few to effectively deliver resources to the units in a timely manner.

As your District Commissioner, I am striving to present a full commissioner staff. I know that Daryl Dagit, our District Committee Chairman, is trying to do the same.  If you know anyone with good people skills, believes in Scouting’s ideals and wants units to succeed, please send either of us a short email (see the Contact Us page of this site). We will hold everything in confidence and will make discreet inquiries. 

Thanks in advance for helping us fill the gaps in our brigade. Because every bucket we cannot deliver represents another unit of Scouts we are not helping. 

And that’s a shame, pure and simple.


Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner
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