October 2011  

Recharter on time... help your unit and our district

 'Tis the season for rechartering units. And contrary to many leaders' opinions, completing the paperwork on time has many benefits.

#1 - I'll start with the low-hanging fruit. Rechartering on time meets one of the 10 requirements that must be met to earn a Journey to Excellence achievement for your unit. It also earns you a handful of points to help you along the way. Cool!

#2 - On-time rechartering helps units retain Scouts. Let's say your unit is a Pack, Johnny Cubscout is one 
of your boys, but Johnny didn't return in September. Rechartering time is another reminder to reconnect with "dropped" Scouts like Johnny, because you must account for him on the paperwork. Proper rechartering procedure has you reaching out to Johnny in October/November, when he's been out of the program only one or two months. If you delay until January, you're giving Johnny two or three more months to find another outlet for his time and energy. Grab him when you can!

#3 - Rechartering on time gives the Wotamalo District more professional Scouter help. Many of our district's units DID NOT recharter on time last year. The professional Scouters assigned to our district had to personally follow up, sometimes as late as May! Think of the additional program planning and other benefits our district would have if that time were better spent!

Each year, the W.D. Boyce Council loses more than 30% of its Scouts. More on-time rechartering will not retain them all. But it will help ... your units directly and the district/council as a whole.

Rechartering paperwork is due to the Scout office on December 1. Please do what you can to meet that date.


Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner
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