New leaders make the BSA great


In many ways, a new leader – or any leader who doesn’t “know everything”  –  is a unit’s best leader.

That’s the leader who realizes her Scouting knowledge isn’t yet complete. She is motivated to go to training. She wants to do things the “right way.”

That’s the leader who isn’t looking through rose-colored glasses of “how we used to do it.” He is more open to input, willing to solicit others for help.

That’s the leader who sees how the unit operates and asks herself, “Why?”  Questioning the status quo is not necessarily a rejection of existing modus operandi, but an opportunity for re-evaluation and improvement.

That’s the leader who is engaged for the right reasons. He puts the boys first and filters his decisions / input in that light.

That’s the leader who will be attending Wood Badge in the coming years, to take her commitment to Scouting to the next level.

That’s the leader who will be leading the unit after current leaders have moved on to other positions within Scouting.

The saying goes, “Every boy deserves a trained leader.” 

I’ll go one step farther: “Every boy deserves every leader to be trained.”

If you’re a new leader, or your unit has new leaders, get (them) to take position-specific training as soon as possible. This also applies if leaders have changed positions; there is training specific for nearly every position.

You/they have the potential to make your Scouts’ experience great, and make the BSA great. Please don’t take that responsibility lightly.             


Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner

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