Nudge a Boy Scout/Venturer toward REAL leadership

Sometimes, you can pick the Scout who will be a future leader from the day he joins the troop. He’s engaged in the program. He is looked up to by the other Scouts his age. He already lives the Scout Law.

Sometimes, though, you can’t easily spot your future leader. She regularly attends crew meetings and outings, but does not stand out. She is responsible, but not meteoric, in achievements. Everyone believes she has potential, but they’ve yet to see it blossom.

You know the Scout I mean; every troop/crew has (at least) one. Maybe all he needs is a nudge – now’s your chance!

Recommend that Scout for National Youth Leadership Training. It’s a weeklong program geared to give Scouts the tools they need to become leaders … and they return to you with specific goals to help your unit!

Having served as adult staff at NYLT, I can attest that NYLT can be the “light bulb” moment for some youth. I have personally witnessed individual Scouts … and entire NYLT teams … transform from early-in-the-week lethargy/uncertainty (i.e., “I just don’t get this.”), to highly-functioning leaders with unbridled enthusiasm by the end of the week. It’s remarkable to see, and reaffirms your conviction in the BSA program!

No, this does not happen to every NYLT youth. But look at the OA or the ranks of Eagle Scouts. The vast majority of those youth went through NYLT/Birch Bark. Some of them will even point to this course as the seminal moment in their development, their springboard to achieving more than they thought they could.

Your troop or crew has nothing to lose and everything to gain by your recommendation(s). Nominations are being accepted online, and are due by March 2, 2011 at Contact the course director if you prefer a paper nomination form.

Go ahead, nudge the youth you’re thinking about. He’s a Senior Patrol Leader or she’s a Crew President in the making!

Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner

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