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All registered leaders should receive a copy of Scouting magazine at home. To be honest, I often read that thing cover to cover. If that makes me a Scouting geek, I am happily guilty!

The great ideas I get out of it … from how to handle troop dynamics, to campfire recipies, to leadership techniques … makes it a solid resource to help in all of my Scouting roles.

I find inspiration there as well. Take a recent issue, for example. A Webelos Den Leader was asked to become Scoutmaster when the former leader left. She got me charged up when she explained how she grew a Troop of a few stragglers to 27 engaged inner-city boys.

Here are excerpts, along with my thoughts:

Q: What has made your troop successful?
A: We do every activity we possibly can. We attend all of the camporees. We do all the merit badge clinics. We do the parades. We meet every week without fail. One thing I’ve learned is to be consistent.
EH: In my unofficial estimation, Wotamalo District events have been attended by about 25% of eligible Scouting units in the last year.

Q: How did your Scouts learn leadership skills?
A: They’ve learned so much from the other Scouts by going to camporees and other outings.
EH: Training starts from the top. In a recent report, about 21% of our District’s adult leaders are properly trained (YPT and leader-specific training).

Q: What can Troops with poor Chartered Organization relationships do?
A: If you’re giving your all to their organization, they will give to you as well. You can’t expect something for nothing. Make sure you have a good rapport with those in charge.
EH: Does your unit enjoy a “healthy” Chartered Organization relationship, in which the COR is actively engaged with your unit?

 If making a concerted effort to focus on program (such as district events), training (for both adults and Scouts) and good Chartered Organization relationships turned an inner-city Scouting program around, imagine what it can do in the Wotamalo District!

If you need help, read your Scouting magazine or contact me / anyone on your District Commissioner staff. We are here to help you live up to Scouting magazine’s tagline:

Lead.  Inspire.  Explore.


Eric Hoadley
Wotamalo District Commissioner+

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