We asked, you spoke!

In September, we distributed a survey to all unit leaders in the district, both in your rechartering packets and via an emailed link. Thank you to those who took the time to give us feedback. We truly appreciate it! 

The purpose of the survey was to measure what you think of us - and by us, I mean both the District Commissioners and the District Committee. In some areas, you rated us as doing alright; in others we were found lacking. That's OK. Constructive criticism is almost always more valuable than a pat on the back. It tells us where we can improve. 

And so, in the interests of transparency, I'd like to share the highlights of the survey results. Your District Commissioners and your District Committee will use this to guide our future efforts to improve service to you and your units. 

A few of you expressed thanks for the survey. "At least you asked our opinion," was a common comment. While we appreciate the sentiment, we hope to go farther so that you notice improvements in those areas where help was requested. 

To tell you the truth, we'd much rather hear you say, "At least you listened!" 

Eric Hoadley 
Wotamalo District Commissioner 

Key survey results:

My Unit Commissioner contacts me: 
60% - Never 
12% - Weekly 
8% - Monthly 
12% - Quarterly 
8% - Annually 
Comment: This may be skewed because 40% of our district units do not have a commissioner. Still, UCs should be in touch with their unit(s) monthly, to see how they can assist you. 

I understand the role of the Unit Commissioner: 
19% - Strongly Agree 
23% - Somewhat Agree 
29% - Not Sure 
26% - Somewhat Disagree 
3% - Strongly Disagree 
Comment: We hope to help more leaders understand how a commissioner can be an asset to your unit. 

The District Executive has been helpful to me and my unit: 
6% - Strongly Agree 
36% - Somewhat Agree 
39% - Not Sure 
6% - Somewhat Disagree 
13% - Strongly Disagree 
Comment: This is a metric David is determined to improve. 

My unit could use assistance in the following areas: 
38% - Attracting/retaining new Scouts 
28% - Adult position-specific training 
24% - Attracting/retaining adult leaders 
21% - Webelo-to-Scout transition 
21% - Youth leadership training 
Comment: These are the areas in which we will focus greater attention. 

The Wotamalo District offers sufficient camping opportunities: 
10% - Strongly Agree 
71% - Somewhat Agree 
6% - Not Sure 
10% - Somewhat Disagree 
3% - Strongly Disagree 
Comment: To be honest, these are surprisingly positive answers considering that the 2008 Fall Camporee had been cancelled. 

The Wotamalo District offers sufficient activities (other than camping): 
3% - Strongly Agree 
55% - Somewhat Agree 
16% - Not Sure 
26% - Somewhat Disagree 
0% - Strongly Disagree 
Comment: Significantly less positive, and an indication that units want more activities! 

The Wotamalo District offers sufficient training opportunities: 
16% - Strongly Agree 
52% - Somewhat Agree 
13% - Not Sure 
19% - Somewhat Disagree 
0% - Strongly Disagree 
Comment: Quite a positive response. We pledge to continue offering as much training as we can. 

The Wotamalo District website is helpful to me and my unit: 
48% - Agree 
52% - Disagree 
Comment: While nearly everyone can find the website, you are evenly split on its usefulness. This communication is one example of how we hope to address this need. 

How else can the Wotamalo District and our Commissioner Staff better serve unit needs? 
35% - Be visible 
22% - Better planning 
Comment: No arguments! To help us achieve these goals, the District Nominating Committee is actively seeking individuals who can help us be more proactive on these and other fronts. If asked, please volunteer to help improve the Wotamalo District! 

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