Role Models

Some of the finest leaders of men I have ever met … are women. And I believe anyone who thinks women have no place in the BSA is:

·         an idiot,

·         a dinosaur, or

·         a plain, ol’ bigot.

Every Scouting volunteer should know that disparaging attitudes, remarks or actions toward another person based on gender, religion, ethnicity, appearance or anything else has nothing to do with Scouting and should not be allowed for any reason. It is beyond my understanding how some Scout leaders can agree to this ideal, then turn around and discriminate against or even ban women from their units.

I salute all the women leaders in the Wotamalo District. Some are out in front, leading unit/district/council events. But many more are involved to a lesser degree. You help your units in “smaller” ways, but the significant effect you have is often overlooked. You are leading boys just as capably as the Scoutmasters and Cubmasters, most of whom are men.

As a result, I’d like to invite all women interested in learning about the roles they can play in Scouting to a very special event.

On November 3, 2012, the council will hold a Pow Wow or University of Scouting. This is a day of learning for adult leaders in all areas of Scouting. Among the classes offered there will be one titled, “Female Leaders Onward!” and will be put on by women, for women. Here, you’ll learn about the many ways women can become involved in Scouting – some of which I think will surprise you! Watch the calendar on the council website for more information.

Don’t get me wrong. Scouting is a perfect opportunity for fathers/uncles/grandfathers/brothers to step up to the plate and give their son(s) and other young men a tangible example of what it means to be a “good man.” Most leaders in Scouting are outstanding examples of men embracing this responsibility. I wish more would man up.

But many of the best role models in Scouting are women.

I just want to involve more of them.



Eric Hoadley

Wotamalo District Commissioner

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