A Culture of Learning


Is it a cliché or a truth that we learn throughout our lives?

If you have ever said “I didn’t know that,” the answer is self evident. There is always more to know, even if we think we already know it all.

For evidence of this truth in action, look no further than Scouting. Teenagers “know it all,” yet each rank advancement and merit badge delivers new challenges that teach them more. And no matter how many years adults have been in the program, learning new approaches, programs and procedures make us better leaders.

You could even say the BSA offers a culture of learning, offering personal growth for all of us … if we take advantage of it.

Troop and Crew leaders, you have an opportunity encourage the future leaders within your own troop or crew right now. Recommend one or more Scouts for this year’s National Youth Leadership Training offered by our council. If the youth take to heart that which this course teaches, your unit will be stronger for years to come.

Think that’s too much to expect? Then you may not realize what NYLT can do for your troop or crew:

-          Create a truly youth-led unit

-          Improve retention, as youth get more from Scouting when they lead

-          Foster a fraternity of leaders in your troop for the newer/younger Scouts to aspire to

I will even go so far as to say EVERY TROOP AND CREW should recommend a Scout for this course EVERY YEAR. If you do, you will create a culture of learning within your unit. You will keep more Scouts in the unit. You will generate momentum that will strengthen your troop or crew. 

But none of this will happen if you don’t make that recommendation. Forms and details of this year’s course are at www.wdboyce.org/NYLT.



Eric Hoadley

Wotamalo District Commissioner

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