Revolving Door Spins Again

This is a frustrating time for the Wotamalo District.
For the past several years, our District Executive position has had a revolving door attached to it. They come, they go … and the continuity in the district's programs and unit support suffers for it.

And so it continues with this week's reassignment of David Schwartz to the position of W.D. Boyce Communications Director. In the four months or so that he and I worked together, I was impressed by David's work ethic and his fervent belief in the BSA program. I felt the Wotamalo District demonstrated positive momentum recently, and much of this was due to David's work. I wish him every success in his new position, and I look forward to working with him in that role down the road.

Until the council hires a replacement, Field Director Chad Dillon will fill our District Executive void. Any contact you would have made with David can now be directed to Chad. You can email him at,, or call him at (309) 673-6136 x117. You'll find Chad to be an energetic, resourceful person who will help us in any way he can during this transition.

Unit leaders should also call upon the many dedicated volunteers with which the Wotamalo District is blessed. Start with your Unit Commissioner, if you have one. Next in line are your District Committee members and myself. Our #1 goal is always to help units succeed in the areas of membership, finance, training, advancement and camping/activities. See the Contact Us page of this website to reach any of us.

I say that this is a frustrating time because losing any degree of support hurts the most important people in the BSA, our Scouts. But losing the sole full-timer dedicated to our district is a serious blow. Chad will do all he can, but he's pulled in many directions. We volunteers will do all we can, but our available time is limited. Every Scout leader and parent can help us through this time of change by understanding that your district volunteers are working as hard as we can to continue supporting your needs, and volunteering to lend us a helping hand, even if only during the transition.

We'll be careful not to overburden anyone. But we will need your help in maintaining our momentum and delivering a quality program to your Scouts. 

I'm reaching out to you. Please reach back. Click on my email address below.

Eric Hoadley 
Wotamalo District Commissioner 

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