Winter Warriors

Leading up to the BSA birthday weekend, the Spirits of Scouting have been smiling on the Wotamalo District indeed!

January 30 saw around 150 Cub Scouts and leaders enjoying the very first Wotamalo District Cub Scout Yukon. The weather before the event eliminated the last traces of December's steady snows, making the organizers (the handy lads of Troop 178) fear a muddy mess awaited them. Just in the nick of time, the temperature dropped to harden the ground, a trace and a half of snow fell, and everyone enjoyed a whitened landscape for great Cub Scout fun. Based on the comments heard throughout the day, I'm pretty sure this will become an annual event in our district.

The following Saturday, February 6, brought the Wotamalo District Klondike Derby, in a cross-river event with our friends in the Heartland District. The location was the same, but the setting was even better, as around three inches of snow fell the night before the event, making for perfect sledding and even greater fun for the 200-ish Scouts and Scouters attending. Crew 318 kept the event pretty much on schedule, the sun shone brightly and the Scouts showed their mettle at the stations. Congratulations to Troop 145 for taking the top prize, Troop 57 for a runner-up finish, and Troop 65 for a strong showing in third.

For both events, we couldn't have ordered better weather, we couldn't have had better quartermasters feeding the hungry Scouts, and we couldn't have asked for anything else.

OK, OK … maybe patches at registration. But if that's the worst of it, then I can easily say that I am proud of our district and the volunteers who run our programs.

So what great outing/activity is next … and who's turn is it to host? I can't wait!

Eric Hoadley 
Wotamalo District Commissioner 


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