April Activity


To tell you the truth, I really don't mind winter. At times it can be beautiful. Without it, we would not have the full changing of the seasons that we enjoy so much. So I'm good with it.

But too much of a good thing is not a good thing, right? So about now, I'm ready for spring! And April brings two great events to give Wotamalo District units an excuse to get outdoors.

The first is one of my favorites - a feeling I know many of you and your boys share. Pathways to Scouting comes to Camp Wokanda on April 10. To register, check out the information on this site's home page or sign up online by finding this date on the Calendar and click the big green button.

If your Pack has never participated in this event, you need to get in on one of our premier events for Cub Scouts. The theme is "Summer Camp in April" and it lets younger Scouts get a taste of what Boy Scout Summer Camp is really like. The event is run by older Scouts who have served or will serve as staff at Ingersoll, so it's the real deal! In fact, this very theme was so popular with Cub Scouts and leaders at Pathways last year, we're repeating it again.

After the sun goes down is when the REAL fun begins. Do your boys like fire (whose doesn't)? Pathways is where we'll hold our district-wide crossover ceremony … a fantastic, fiery event that defies description!

Cub Scout leaders: If you or others in your Pack have not yet received training, get it at Pathways! More details on the flyer.

TROOPS AND CREWS, PLEASE NOTE: You are also invited to camp at Wokanda this weekend … for FREE, I might add … to conduct your own program (what a perfect time for a service project) and stay to watch the awesome crossover ceremony (or participate in it , if your Troop has Scouts taking part).

The second event is for Boy Scout Troops: the Spring Cook-0-Ree. It will be held at Camp Ingersoll on the weekend beginning on April 30. We are to be hosted by our good friends in the Heartland District, who are running this event. Initial information was sent to Boy Scout troops last week; registration details are now on the council calendar.

I also want to invite all unit leaders to attend the Wotamalo District Dinner, set for April 22. Final details are still being hammered out, so watch the Calendar for more details on location, time and cost. At this event, we'll celebrate being a Quality District in 2009, honor our most recent District Award of Merit winners, and enjoy a good meal and the company of our excellent district volunteers.

I look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.

Eric Hoadley 
Wotamalo District Commissioner 

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