Back At It


It has been a long time since I wrote one of these. I blame an uber-busy summer and a propensity on my part to over-commit myself. Most of those commitments are behind me now, so I am back at commissioner service with a renewed sense of purpose. Guilt can be a wonderful motivator sometimes!

I hope you were able to attend the Council Centennial Camporee. From most reports, we were able to deliver a really fun event, worthy of its name. I personally did not make it to the shooting sports side of the Camporee, but everyone I met who did said it was jumping. The other side was full of excited, smiling Scouts having a good time. That is the only measure of success that really counts, isn't it?

After all, everything we do should be about the Scouts. If it's good for them, it is worth doing, and doing well.

So I am glad to be back at commissioner work. Every Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship and Team can use a little help. And that's why commissioners exist.

If your unit does not have a commissioner, you're in the majority. Commissioner service is not a tough job per se, but it is difficult to explain that fact. Let's just say if you prefer working with leaders rather than youth - but still want to have an impact on Scouting - commissioner service is right up your alley.

I'd love the chance to tell you why.

Eric Hoadley 
Wotamalo District Commissioner 

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