Wotamalo District Committee      
  Updated  1/8/21  
Position Name Phone Email
   District Committee Chair Ken Rose 309 397-6030 knd.rose1@gmail.com
   District Commissioner Bill Knake 309 338-1446 bill.knake@yahoo.com
       Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Cliff Smith 309-444-8516 bcssmt163@comcast.net
       Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Michael Hatton 309-258-1793 wotamaloroundtable@gmail.com
   District Executive Collin Martis (309) 673-6136 x128   collin.martis@scouting.org
   Field Director



   Nominating Chair

James Olsen    
   Finance Chair Vacant    
       Friends of Scouting Kris Reuter   oaklandboxer1@gmail.com
  Eric Hoadley   hoadleys243@gmail.com
  Bill Clark    
       Popcorn Vacant    
       Camp Cards Vacant    
   Membership Chair Vacant    
   Order of the Arrow Vacant    
   District Vice Chair      
       Webmaster Charlie Zimmerman 309-635-5964 Wotamalo.web@gmail.com
       Outdoor Chair Vacant    
       Training Chair Juanita Belcher 309-265-4696 cbpdheart@gmail.com
           Kris Reuter 309-369-3873 oaklandboxer1@gmail.com
  Jason Friedland    
       Activities/Programs Chair Vacant     
       Cub Scout Activities Chair Vacant    
           Pinewood Derby Gary Towne   gtowne61554@yahoo.com
           Cub Scout Launch Vacant    
       Scouts BSA Activities Chair      
           Klondike Ken Rose   knd.rose1@gmail.com
           Camporee Vacant    
       Advancement Chair Charlie Zimmerman 309-635-5964 charliez@aol.com
          Merit Badge Coordinator Vacant    
          Eagle Board Coordinator Deb Straker (309) 497-1327 council138eagles@gmail.com
          Religious Emblems Coordinator Rev. Bob Herath (309) 252-1136 revraherath@gmail.com
          Awards Vacant    
       Venturing Activities Chair Vacant    
       District Dinner Vacant    
* Former Training Chair Stacey Reuter  309-264-2343 lillshy1@yahoo.com
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