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Join Scouting: Visit BeAScout.org   Donate to the WD Boyce Council, BSA   Join WD Boyce Family Society

Welcome to Cub Scouts in W. D. Boyce Council.  We hope you enjoy the adventure with your child!  Here are a couple of resources to get you and your new Cub Scout started on the right track:
1.      Please be sure to visit one of the SCOUT SERVICE CENTERS in Bloomington or Peoria to purchase your Cub Scout’s uniform and handbook.  You can also call one of these local Scout Shops and have them order exactly what you need, if visiting the Bloomington or Peoria presents a challenge.  We are here to help you and your child with the supplies and information you need to have a fantastic Scouting adventure together for many years to come.
2.      The Scout popcorn sale lasts until the end of October.  Popcorn is the fall fundraiser offered in the Council, to help pay for your child's year of Scouting.  Scout popcorn keeps out-of-pocket costs down for Scout families, so be sure to check with your Pack Leaders about incentives available to your family when you help your child sell popcorn to friends, family, and neighbors.  Boys and girls can earn prizes, like a Marshmallow Blaster bonus prize and even scholarships.  Click on POPCORN to get all the information and materials you need.
3.   Community Service is an extremely important aspect to the Scouting program and several ready-made service projects are available to you and your Cub Scout.  Click on “Scouting For Food” to find out more about a program geared at stocking local food pantries in November, before the holiday season.  Another local program to click on and check out is “Scout Sweep”, a community clean-up campaign that provides your Cub Scout a chance to earn a special patch for participation.  These and other service hours are cataloged by your Pack leaders, so be sure to let them know when your child does Community Service, because giving back to our communities is a hallmark of the Scouting program
4.      Finally, stay connected to great information and updates by signing up for NEWSLETTERS that are conveniently emailed a couple of times a month.
Also, remind your new Cub Scout that it’s not too late for them to invite their other friends to join Scouting with them.  The boys and girls will have a great time together on their new Cub Scout adventure.  Scouting is great way for a family to spent time together, and for family friends to enjoy quality time together, too.  Thank you for registering your child for Cub Scouts!  We look forward to working with them and with you as a Cub Scout Parent Leader.
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