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Cache Lake

Cache Lake Camp is a Boy Scout camp owned by the W. D. Boyce Council, in Ontario, Canada. The camp is located 670 miles north of Bloomington, Illinois, approximately 8 miles via water, northeast of Crane Lake, Minnesota. This camping opportunity was started in 1963 - with all of the start-up and annual maintenance work conducted by dedicated volunteers.

Click here to read the history of Cache Lake Camp.  

Summer 2021 Information. 

All units rolling weeks from the canceled 2020 season to the 2021 season have been scheduled.  

There are 2 weeks opened to all W. D. Boyce Crews, Ships, and Troops: Two available weeks will be opened to a drawing to all Crew, Ships, and Troops in the Council.  The Drawing will be a virtual event on December 1st at 6:30pm.  If your unit is interested in entering the drawing click here to register.  

Any questions concerning Cache Lake 2021 contact Austin St. George at or at 309-673-6136 ext. 128


All youth attending Cache Lake with a unit must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must be 13 years old or older. Scouts may attend as a 12 year old, but must be accompanied by a parent on the trip.  
  • Must be First Class Rank.
  • Must have attended a week-long Boy Scout of America program at any BSA Resident Camp.  

Click here to read the letter with the 2020 Cache Lake eligibility changes.  


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