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Join Scouting: Visit  Donate to the WD Boyce Council, BSA

Council Advancement Chair

Dave Lee 

M: (309) 338-0798

Crossroads District Advancement Committee Chair

Don Husted        

M: (847) 345-3818    

Council Advancement Committee Vice Chair

Russ Glass        

M: (309) 657-8841    

Lowaneu District Advancement Committee Chair

Ernie Steinz        

M: (815) 664-8360    

Wotamalo District Advancement Committee Chair

Charlie Zimmerman       

M: (309) 635-5964   

Council Advancement Committee: Awards and Recognition coordinator  

Dan Mathews         

M: (815) 252-4260    

Council Advancement Committee: Special needs coordinator

Don Nosalik         

H: (815) 646-8006  M: (815) 878-8361

Council Advancement Committee: Cub Scout coordinator  

Neva Rynearson     

M: (309) 224-9736    

Council Advancement Committee: Eagle coordinator

Deb Straker         

M: (309) 696-1836    

Council Advancement Committee: Outdoor Ethics Coordinator

Jo Schmidt-Litwiller    

M: (309) 310-9341    

Council Advancement Committee: Venturing coordinator         

Doug Schwalm         

M: (225) 802-9500    

Council Staff Professional  

Greg Voyzey        

W: (309) 828-6983    

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